The list of the top ten shareholders of Charan Insurance Public Company Limited, with number and percentage of shares held as at 20 March 2020, is set out below.

  NameNumber of shares heldPercentage of shares held
1.Mr. Sukich Charanvas2,167,94418.07
2.Mr. Vichien Srimuninnimit1,089,7009.08
3.Mr. Kittipong Charanvas718,1005.98
4.Mr. Kitti Charanvas692,0005.77
5.Bangkok Insurance Public Company Limited578,0004.82
6.Mr. Sittichai Kueakiatngam568,2004.74
7.Mrs. Elizabeth Charanvas467,2003.89
8.Mr. Nibhond Charanvas412,8003.44
9.Ms. Veerada Kueakiatngam400,0003.33
10.Thai NVDR Company Limited239,2001.99

Note : The above shareholders have not entered into any agreement that has a material impact on the Company or other shareholders. Charan Insurance has not subsidiary company.