The corporate social responsibility (CSR) policies adopted and implemented by the
Company are as follows.

We conduct and manage our business in a proper, transparent and law-abiding way with disclosures of material and accountable information, believing that such practices will build up the confidence of all shareholders and stakeholders in our organization. The Company also pursues the good corporate governance policy by taking into prime consideration the potential benefits to shareholders, staff members, local communities, society, partners, customers, competitors and other stakeholders - an approach that will lead all parties towards steady growth and sustainable economic stability.
The Company promotes fair dealing and free competition, and avoids all dishonest means and behaviours that may give rise to conflict of interest such as intimidation, coercion, favouritism, price cutting, or setting cut-throat terms to pressure competitors. We will never be involved in any activities which are in breach of intellectual property rights. The Company has a policy against all forms of corrupt practices while promoting social responsibility throughout every step of the operations. Disciplinary procedures are in place for those who violate or fail to comply with the anti-corruption policy. All activities and operations of the Company are within the legal framework.
Keeping to our corporate culture, we respect human rights and treat all staff equitably by ensuring no employment discrimination nor child labour, respecting employees’ right and freedom to form a staff association and enter into negotiation with the Company, and by ensuring equal processes of staff recruitment and promotion. Having regard for employee benefit and safety, the Company maintains fair employment conditions, proper safety equipment and fair systems of compensation and welfare deserved by our people. Other measures include: improving the workplace environment; avoiding any factors that could cause unsafe working conditions; maintaining the physical and mental wellbeing of employees; providing facilities to enable staff to work efficiently; enhancing operational systems; promoting learning and skill development of all personnel. We also have appropriate grievance channels for those who feel they are unfairly treated. Such practices are in place to ensure that all our staff members have good quality of life and good work-life balance as well as the opportunities to realize their full potential.
The Company’s operations are aimed at developing products and services that meet the quality and standards expected by consumers under fair terms and with complete, correct information. We avoid doing anything that could cause ambiguity or distortion of information about our products and services or omission of significant information leading to misunderstanding. We also attach utmost importance to customer confidentiality by always clarifying reasons to the consumers before collecting their personal data. We never improperly disclose customers’ confidential information for our own gain or the gain of others, unless prior agreement has been obtained. The Company further offered all consumers the right to verify information and to use their own information within the legal framework, and in the event erroneous or unfair collection or use of information is discovered we shall take immediate action to remedy it.
We recognize that fulfilling a responsibility towards society and the environment is equally important as fulfilling our business objectives in ensuring sustainable progress and harmony for all in society. The Company has therefore surveyed the state of the communities around its location to find out if and how much they have been negatively affected by the operations. The information discovered enables us to take corrective steps to prevent any adverse impact - direct or indirect - that we might have on the communities and society. In addition, we have supported and participated in volunteering activities relating to community and social development, while also promoting a socially concerned attitude among our executives and staff at all levels.
As it is of concern to us to make the most efficient use of resources and energy, we have introduced a number of resource- and energy-saving measures, e.g. switching lights off during lunch break, using stairs instead of elevators, reusing resources, sorting waste before disposal, and adopting green procurement process. We also promote the exchange and sharing of environmental knowledge among staff with a view to increasing and incorporating such environment protection awareness into our corporate culture. Furthermore, the Company is conscious of environmental risk and impact as well as public safety in every step of the operations and therefore encourages all staff to engage in the conservation of resources in and outside the organization in minimizing our impact on the environment and increasing value and sustainability for the organization.
The Company encourages the fostering of an innovative spirit among all staff so as to open up opportunities for further development towards business innovations, thereby enabling the culture of responsible innovation to grow within and beyond the organization.
We attach importance to the disclosure of information which reflect our CSR implementation by publishing our CSR policies and practices in the Annual Registration Statement (Form 56-1) and the annual report (Form 56-2). The disclosures are not only of benefit to all our stakeholders but also create opportunities for them to take part in reviewing the Company’s CSR performance against established goals and to provide their feedback for our future development plans.