Emphasize on providing insurance services with morality and ethics under the slogan

“Charan’s promise gives the public peace of mind”



M1  Operating business and providing honest services as the stable security and operating under good governance.

M2  Inventing and developing products to respond to demands of society and to be consistent with current situation.

M3  Developing information technology for utilizing in operational system as much as possible and developing all dimensions of management system of the Company for ultimate benefit.

M4  Having good management, generating value and returns to all stakeholders.

M5  Being responsible for environment and operating business fairly and sustainably under related rules, regulations, and laws.

M6  Building awareness and enthusiasm on self-development of employees in order to be ready for coping with current and future situation.



Our primary aim is to develop products that are diverse and can reach customers and prospects at all levels and to provide information and increase underwriting efficiency in addressing the needs of and creating maximum satisfaction for the insured. To fulfill the aim, the Company has developed appropriate plans to accommodate future changes, while also broadening knowledge necessary for the organization to be the most trusted insurer. In 2021, the Company expect the Premium Written will be reduce by 25 percent as the Compulsory car insurance premium will be decrease in volume due to higher competition and higher coverage. Therefore, focus on expanding the market in area of property and miscellaneous insurance market even more in order to support the business expansion in the future.

- Market goal : The Company will develop smartphone-based product

- Operational goal : We develop our personnel and technologies at the same time.

- Investment goal : We will consider investment options with acceptable level of risk.


Business Operations Strategy

S1  Manage existing assets with full efficiency.

S2  Seek for partners to expand business for growing.

S3  Enhance capability for organizational development.